August Message


Dear Friends
There have been some changes in the Benefice recently as we have bid a sad farewell to Helen who moves to pastures new, and our new interim minister Andy Smith has joined us. It was great to welcome Andy here in July, and we are looking forward to working with him in this time of change and preparation for the appointment of a new Rector.
Change is not always easy, it can feel uncomfortable, challenging, even unnerving, but it is one of things in life that will happen whether we find it easy or otherwise. Yet change can be good, it can empower people to work together in new ways, it can lead to all sorts of exciting opportunities, it can give us the confidence to ask questions: why do we do things a certain way? Are there new ways of doing things?
Certainly these are questions the Church in this country is having to ask itself currently. For some people church, as it stands, is just not something they engage with. For some it's difficult to understand, or held at the wrong time, or even considered boring and irrelevant.
Yet there is change taking place, new ways of being church together are springing up all across the country. People are being guided by God to gather together in their homes, in their work places, even in the pub - all to explore how to love and serve others as God calls them to. The church of tomorrow might look very different from the church of today, 
Which leads me to the final change in the Benefice. As of the end of July, I will be exploring more fully what new ways of being Church looks like. I leave my post here as part time Curate to develop REVS - a ministry to the classic car community. If people are to discover something of God’s love, then it may be through people of the church going to where others are and not expecting them to come to us. REVS is looking at what that might be like.
I am not leaving completely, I will be here in the Benefice for one Sunday of the month, but my role here will change. There is that word again.
I want to thank all the members and leaders of the Benefice, for all your support and encouragement, for the way in which you have helped me grow in my role as your Curate, and I will be praying for you all.
With every prayer and blessing
Revd Adam

Morning Prayer: every Wednesday in August, 9am at St Mary's Kinnerley
Prayer Breakfast: Thursday 9th August, 8.30am at St Mary's Kinnerley